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Event Marketing & Production

Connect with consumers at popular events like Comic-Con, food and music festivals, and professional sporting events — or let us help you launch your own amazing event!

Equal parts creative strategists and organizational taskmasters, Jargon Media helps create unforgettable experiences where consumers can connect with your brand in meaningful ways. We work with you from start to finish to develop a strategic vision, manage the process and details leading up to the event, and seamlessly coordinate all aspects of the event itself.


Creative Development

Research, design and brand positioning combine to create outside-the-box strategies, connecting clients to consumers.


Planning + Design

Event concept, development and execution created with client goals in mind.


Project Management

Detailed-oriented management of budgets, venues, permits and licensing, travel and accommodations, event staffing, food and beverage, promo items, and more.


Vendor Selection + Management

A network of trusted and experienced vendors, discovered through years of successful collaboration.


Onsite Event Coordination

A team of dedicated staff, from event producers and local runners, to talent assistants and waiters.


Trade Show Solutions

Create, design, budget and manage trade show programs that inform, instruct and impress your target consumer through face-to-face experiences.

Digital Branding + Promotion

Publicity and promotion — whether for a company, specific event or individual artists — is our sweet spot. We work with clients to hone their unique brand or public face, then get them the exposure they need to rise above the rest.

We can lock down strategic partnerships and sponsorships, connect with relevant influencers, arrange high-profile celebrity appearances or performances, manage social media campaigns and oversee event production — for a multi-faceted and all-encompassing approach to marketing.


Brand Promotion

Build and execute comprehensive strategies to increase brand recognition and sales.


Content Creation & Distribution

Captivating visual content and appropriate distribution partners create a winning marketing strategy.


Talent Management

Build awareness and feed the hype with strategic partnerships, publicity efforts, and creative marketing/sales opportunities.


Strategic Partnerships

Analyze industry trends and company directives to find optimal collaborative partners.


Sponsorship & Brand Integration

Property evaluation, value maximization, rights and benefits, sponsorships, and professional advisory services.


Social Media

Utilize social media to promote visibility, brand loyalty, recognition, and sales.

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